Interview with Silver Key Award Winning Photographer Dylan Morneau

Dylan Morneau won a scholastic silver key award for a photo he took.  This is my interview with him.

Silver Key award winning picture

Me: How did you get into photography?

Dylan: So, when you had the family photos, you always needed to have somebody take it, and when I was younger, I always volunteered to be that guy to take the picture, even though I was never in it.  Cause I was just fascinated with how it worked, and I always guess it came out well, so I continued to do it.



Me: What do you take pictures with?

Dylan: A Nikon d5300 and a Pentax K1000.



Me: What do you like to take pictures of?

Dylan: Landscapes or objects, I want to make you feel like you’re there.



Me: What inspired you to take this award winning picture?

Dylan: I thought, “That looks artsy, that could go on my Vsco.”

Processed with VSCO

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  1. Gigi Klipa on February 15th, 2016 9:19 am

    Thank you for writing this article. I now Dylan and had absolutely no idea he was such a talented photographer. I hope the Claw continues to do feature stories on our amazing students.

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Interview with Silver Key Award Winning Photographer Dylan Morneau