Josh Rizzo


Rob Pitas, swings headphones and relaxes comfortably in a chair wearing jeans and a hoodie. This young man’s life requires large amounts of technological knowledge, so usually you can find him working on a car/truck or building a computer or maybe even trying to join the ATF, which he wants to work at when he is older.

Rob was raised in Taunton Massachusetts. His parents got divorced when he was 4 years old and his father moved to Winchester Massachusetts. His mother raised him and his siblings on her own. He attended school in Taunton until he moved to North Attleboro for a year. He then met his step dad and moved to Wilton where he attended Wilton Lyndeborough Cooperative for three years. He now attends Souhegan High school as a freshman

Rob has 5 siblings; a 4 year old brother an almost 2 year old sister a 12 year old sister a 20 year old sister and lastly a 25 year old brother. Much like his 25 brother, Rob follows the passion for tech. “I love building computers and fixing electronical issues”. He recently built a computer but then tragically broke it the same day.

Rob works at Turnpike Auto Parts junkyard doing “labor intensive” work as well as mechanical type work. Rob has 2 trucks that he occasionally works on. I asked Rob if he enjoyed this junkyard work and he said “sure”. Rob does “a little bit of everything” at the junkyard.

He is a very strong libertarian; “I value freedom over all else, and liberty, and I do not support large government and taxation”.

Along with all the tech and mechanical hobbies Rob said he also likes “Running on rooftops and other stupid stuff like that”. Rob absolutely despises team sports because he hates relying on other people. Along with all of his technological, mechanical, and savvy knowledge of the world he is a very very good mountain biker and dirt biker.

One thing stands out about Rob particularly is he may not look like a genius on the outside, but within his brain there is practically a factory of jokes thoughts as well as a metric ton of opinions. With so much going on his filter doesn’t always work, but that’s just Rob. You eventually learn to get used to it. To Rob, he may seem generic to himself but that’s so far from the truth.