Turning Math Into Movies

“ ...Terry Berna and John Ranta really helped me get on the career path I am on today..."

Have you ever wondered how your favorite animation movies are made? Or how the landscape on your video game was created? Christian Barrett is an alumni of Souhegan High School. He is now a technical director for Dreamworks Studios. He recently visited us to give a presentation about the math involved in animation and while he was here, I had the pleasure of meeting him and asking him a few questions about his job.


When asked how Souhegan Prepared him for his current work, he responded enthusiastically saying that the courses that SHS offered were extremely helpful.  He also added that Souhegan prepares you for the real world by giving out projects and presentations. “A lot of the math in math class applies to today in animation.”  
Barrett says that while he is in the professional business he continues learning new things every day and that he is always looking for new ways to do things. When I asked him who is an influential person, whether it be someone in the industry or a teacher, he lept at the question and quickly said “ …Terry Burna and  John Ranta really helped me get on the career path I am on today… a huge amount.” Christian Barrett certainly inspired some to look at math in a different light with his colorful and informative presentation.

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