Make America Great Again

What I saw when I attended a rally for Republican candidate Donald J. Trump...

Sarah Eastland, Senior Staff Photographer

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  • Anna Waldron (10th grade) sets up her camera between a reporter from The Boston Globe and CBS.

  • Souhegan students interview a Merrimack man

  • "This is my favorite shirt."

  • "Who do we vote for on February 9th?" *crowd chants* "Donald Trump!"

  • "Mr. Trump.. he has fought the most bureaucracy you've ever seen!"

  • "He (Trump) gave a speech about Mexican rapists... that's how he won me over" -Anne Coulter

  • Little boys waves to all the cameras while waiting for Trump to take the stage.

  • "Washington needs an agent of change" -Scott Brown

  • "They have to fight to get homes and jobs (regarding veterans)" -Scott Brown

  • Is it "Trump this, bitch" or "Trump this bitch" the world may never know

  • "We're going to make America great again!"

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