Healthy Connections Speaker, Brian Moses: How to Be Positive!

Last Friday, all of Souhegan High School’s sophomores gathered in the theatre for a special  presentation. Every year there is a presentation as part of the Healthy Connections program and this year the speaker was Brian Moses. He talked about motivation and setting high standards for yourself in order to ensure that you achieve your goal. After his speech, we got to interview him and here’s what he had to tell us:


How did you originally get into giving these speeches?

I really just asked myself a question. I asked myself, “What’s my gift…my purpose…how do I want to make a difference in this world?” And it was not so much the speeches, the speeches were a vehicle but I wanted to positively make an impact and a difference in the lives of everybody that I talk to, that’s my purpose. So when an opportunity like this presented itself, I jump all over it because I think that there’s somebody out there, my belief is somebody will benefit from it like the student who just came up here (At the end of the presentation a student stayed behind to talk to Brian to tell him how much of an impact his presentation has and to talk to him about some of his goals for the future).

How long have you been doing speeches like these?

My first speech was before you guys were born, it was 1994. I spoke in front of three thousand people as a panelist and my leg was shaking so bad I couldn’t even stop it but with time and experience you get better at everything.

Where do you speak besides schools?

I speak on all kinds of topics in business too. My expertise is marketing and sales. I’m a business consultant so I work with small, medium, large, fortune 500 companies helping them increase their sales, their revenues and their profits, and I talk to their organizations through their sales forces and their marketing forces.

What is most rewarding about these speeches?

Having someone like that kid who just talked to me afterwards come up and tell me that I made a difference is definitely the most rewarding thing of all.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into motivational speaking?

You become a product of your environment, so find other people that are doing really well in that arena and model their behavior, learn from them, mentor them, follow them and I think that that will be probably the best advice.

If there was only one thing that people could take away from your presentation today what would you want it to be?

Without a doubt, you can do anything you want to do.
A huge thank you to Brian Moses for taking the time to talk to us and to present to the sophomore grade!

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