Fashion Trends-Spring 2016

Fashion Trends-Spring 2016

Isabel Cullen

It is officially spring and as we are able to shed more layers, everyone begins to dress for fashion, and trends for this year present themselves. During 2015, trends such as aztec flared pants, suede material clothing and of course crop tops are just some of the few that became very popular. In 2016, some of the clothing  items have stayed but much has changed and the fashion world has already identified some of upcoming styles we will be seeing this spring.

One look we will be seeing again this year is joggers. In 2016 athletic urban fashion became a huge hit and it won’t be going away anytime soon. Joggers are comfortable sweatpant like bottoms that are tapered at the ankle. They come across as a casual but fashionable clothing piece and I think they’ll be staying around for a while longer. Athletic wear in the fashion world is quete popular as a whole this spring. You’ll see lots of Adidas brand items and Nike apparel. Calvin Klein is also a clothing store that has recently reached the pinnacle of tumblr posts.

Fashion has also been repeating itself quite a bit this year and this spring we will see many 80’s and 90’s fashion trends come back. Jean jackets have found their way back into magazines along with leather clothing pieces. Chokers will be seen all over the place this spring as well. Some other 80’s and 90’s favorites that are becoming for popular are scrunchies, combat boots and geometric shapes on clothing items.


There has also been a recent push for looser clothing. Jeans have converted to bootcut and boyfriend styles and striped or plain loose t shirts have brought back a classic sort of look. Loose pants and shorts with patterns will be sticking around for spring along with the others. Bohemian style dresses, solid colored blouses and kimonos appeared earlier last year but will be sticking around do to this new fashion statement. It’s been a long couple years filled with tight, tight clothing and the more comfortable pieces are welcomed with open arms.

Aside from clothing items, some one hair style for spring is braids. French Dutch and just plain braids are high fashion this year. Also a lot of people have been dyeing their hair cool colors like dark purple, blues and grey. Dark roots often are kept in mind with the hair color so while the color grows out it continues to look good. In makeup people have been practicing a lot of natural matte lip colors like the ones found in Kylie Jenner’s lip kit. This spring there is a big push for less, more natural makeup. This is exciting because it also means less time and less breakouts!


There’s some exciting new things coming and I encourage you to try some of these looks and have fun with them! But no matter what your wear this spring be confident and show off your style.