Book Review: Lady Midnight By Cassandra Clare

May 18, 2016

Lady MidnightLady Midnight is a book that does not fit in one genre. Sure, its fiction, but its a lot more than your average fiction book. Lady Midnight is full of danger, love, adventure and plot twists that will make you want throw the book at a wall, but I promise, the part of you that wants to keep reading it and never stop, will be stronger.

Lady Midnight is the first book in Cassandra Clare’s new series called The Dark Artifices. If you’ve ever read a Cassandra Clare book, you know that she writes most  her books in the same fictional world. She writes her books in a world where mortals,or “mundanes” as they call them in Lady Midnight, can’t see. Some of the secrets that lay within our world are vampires, werewolves and warlocks. It might sound like a book that’s been written before but the thing that makes Cassandra Clare books different are the shadowhunters. Shadowhunters are basically half angel and half human who spend their lives protecting humans from demons. The realm Cassandra Clare created is complex that it even comes with an online resource. ,

The main character is a shadowhunter named Emma Carstairs. Through the book she is trying to solve the mystery of her parents death with her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn. Parabatai is the closest bond possible in the shadowhunter world and the biggest law regarding them is that they can’t fall in love. All of the characters are extremely well developed so it’s really easy to relate to them which makes the read effortless. In all of her books, Cassandra Clare creates incredibly complicated characters and in Lady Midnight she doesn’t stray from her reputation. I find that if you like the characters you read about you feel more a part of the book and you enjoy reading it more, so I was thrilled with her complex characters and relationships.


Overall, Lady Midnight is a great book and I would definitely recommend it. If you’ve read any of Clare’s other series, you’ll recognize some characters that appear in Lady Midnight. If you get sucked into Cassandra Clare’s writing, you have a lot of others books that you can read and they won’t disappoint. Another option is to read her writing chronologically in which case you could read her other books first and Lady Midnight last. In the case you’re looking for other books by Cassandra, Clockwork Princess and City of Bones are the first books in her two other main series. She has also recently announced another book series called The Last Hours that is expected to publish 2018. Next time you’re in a bookstore, look for a Cassandra Clare book.

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