Interview Heralds a New Generation

Interview Heralds a New Generation

Sarah Eastland and Jason Frank (ConVal), Senior Staff Photographer


by Sarah Eastland and Jason Frank
@sarahxisabel @jp_frank99

Boston Herald radio spent an hour interviewing five students from FPU’s Presidency and the Press Program August 10.

Sarah Eastland, Travis Fischer, Maddy Leonard, Grace Cameron, and Maria Soraghan talked about their political views and how they participate in the political process despite their ages. They shared stories about how they developed their own political opinions in a world that can be extremely partisan.

Five students and two radio hosts cram into radio station. Photo by Sophie Nikolenko.

Bernie Sanders captured the hearts of four students who wouldn’t usually agree in politics. Maria Soraghan was the only dissenter, previously preferring Rand Paul, and now Gary Johnson. Despite the apparent differences between Sanders and Johnson, both had the appeal of being a third party outsider. To these students, the most important factor in picking candidates was positions and not the parties themselves, Maddy Leonard pointed out.

According to Grace Cameron, “I enjoyed talking on the radio because it gave me an opportunity to share my views with real people. It felt good to know that people wanted to listen to the opinions of the upcoming generation, opposed to just the generation with voting powers.”

These students are more involved in politics than some of their peers, said Cameron. Eastland has volunteered on multiple campaigns, Fischer has attended a number of political rallies, and others participate in their school newspapers.