Bringing Back The 90s

Shawn Latulippe

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I was pissed. I had wanted them for months and finally after one of my biggest paychecks I bit the bullet. Of course like every other store they didn’t have the women’s version. So naturally I bought a boys child size. I saved $15 which is how I’d defend my choice. They fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper–though it’s an odd comparison to my white Nike Air Force One’s that I thought would be unique after the impossibilities in finding them. This is where I get pissed. Of course the first week of school I felt pretty damn unique, kinda my goal in buying a guys shoe. Then out of nowhere I see my friend Ellie with them, then 2 other girls and then more and more. I had seen some guys with them before but girls? I thought like my boy’s name it would be just another cool guy thing I had, but nope. Sorry for this rant, but really? I mean really? Are they the new Birkenstocks? Possibly. These aren’t the only shoe making a comeback either. Remember the Adidas Superstars people worshiped back in the 90s? They’re back too–one of the most popular of 90s trends that have come back. I have a white and gold pair of those but if you look around you’ll probably see many white with black stripes. Then of course I should mention the comeback of vans, particularly the high top ones in many different colors. I also have a black pair of these so you could call me basic and it would be an accurate description of my style. I tried to go 90s grunge this year, and it seems I’m not alone. I’ll end this rant now because truth is it’s not much of a rant. I love that these shoes are back. And I’m pretty glad Sperrys are out, no offense if you own them, I’ve just never liked the preppy style, it represents an odd middle school faze I’d like to forget. However, I like this–and being the last grade of 90s babies- it’s fitting that we’re bringing some classics back.

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