Ethics Forum Takes on Operation Pumpkin at MVVS


Operation Pumpkin was yet another example of the Souhegan High School Ethics Forum’s contribution to the Sau 39 community.

The day began with the Ethics Forum, students along with teachers from Souhegan, loading up the bus with the many pumpkins that were painted by the Ethics Forum for the kids of the Mont Vernon Village School. This was followed by a short bus ride to MVVS and an introduction from the school’s principal and the President and Vice President of MVVS.

The Ethics Forum went into action and said some things about themselves, but quickly moved on to the skit that they had worked so hard on. “I’m really excited it’s one of those things where you work really hard on and now you get to see it in action and make the kids happy,” said Katie Osterholtz, a senior from Souhegan.

The skit, along with the dance brought smiles and laughs to the kids, “I always loved watching the skit and you guys dance” said president of MVVS, Brady.

Ethics forum students handed out pumpkins and hung out with the kids in their classrooms. Many kids were looking forward to this, and the faculty was also was excited for the kids to just be with the high school students. Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Alger stated that, “It’s good for the younger kids to see the high school students do other things than just sitting in a classroom. It’s good to see that the older kids are in the community and are hanging out with them in a fun way.”

Although Operation Pumpkin was a fun day for all, it was stressed that the day was for the MVVS kids and it was made for them to not feel as disconnected to the high school students. Chris Brooks, the Ethics Forum advisor, reinforced the goal of the day which was to, “make their day special and fantastic”.

Mrs. Brown, a teacher at the Village School, showed how Operation Pumpkin’s goal was and still is to connect the two schools due to the possible loss of togetherness in the past, “the younger kids realize that these older kids can be fun and nice and that they aren’t anybody to be afraid of.”

Overall, Operation Pumpkin was successful and many people voiced their opinion that other schools should be doing the same thing or something similar to it because, according to senior at Souhegan, Drew Whitney, “it’s good for the kids, it’s good for us, and it’s a good way to connect.”


Sarah Bader