Sophomore Gives Us the Big Picture on Her Art

Is it possible to be a high honor roll student, a three season athlete and an amazing artist?  For Souhegan sophomore Kate Eastland it is.

Ries Grondstra

Kate has been doing art for as long as she remembers but really started getting into it around 6th grade. Though Kate’s style is wholefully her own, she found inspiration in art blogger Brigid in seventh grade and thought Brigid was “the coolest person ever.”

Kate has won many golden keys and awards for her art work and hopes to continue art into her future career by doing animation.  Working for Pixar and Disney would be her dream job. She wants to do animation because she enjoys math as well as art.   The art business can be a very risky career choice  so she believes going into animation will allow her to continue her passion while making a decent living.buffy

Kate is currently in the midst of Inktober where she is drawing a picture every day of October and posting it on instagram. When asked how social media affects the world of art she replied that it’s a good platform to show your art and getting exposure to new ideas and other peoples styles.


Her favorite piece shes done recently is a portrait of characters from her favorite show a cartoon called Avatar “I’ve probably done pieces that are better but i like it because i like the subject of the piece. ” Kate’s favorite thing to draw are humans while using watercolors as her prefered medium when painting. Not only immensely talented but also modest if you ever looking for someone to draw you something spectacular, need help with math or run a  cross country race,  Kate Eastland is your girl.






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