Cross Country Girls Claim State Championship


On October 29, the varsity girls cross country team accomplished a feat never before seen in Souhegan High School history. They fought for and won the title of State Champs in Division 2.

Madeleine Hunt led the team with her win of the individual title with a time of 18:15. Arielle Zlotnick followed in seventh place with a time of 19:07 and Jane Leighton in ninth with a time of 19:18. Other team members were Marissa Romano (16th place), Shannon Earley (23rd place), Elise Lambert (31st place), and Emmy Ehrenstein (36th place). Overall, this race required a huge team effort by everyone in order to claim the win.

The varsity boys cross country team ran well also. They pulled together to place fifth in the state. Patrick McGrath placed first for the team with a time of 17:21. He came in 20th overall. Other teammates included Garrett Earley (29th place), Sam Goddard (31st place), Billy Seguin (40th place), Jake Upton (49th place), Nathan Stine (67th place), and Thomas Headington (92nd place). Their efforts were enough to continue on to the Meet of Champions.

This past Saturday (November 5), the Meet of Champions took place at Nashua South High School. The top teams from each state division fought for the bragging rights of truly the best team in the state and a spot at New England’s in Rhode Island.

The Souhegan girls stunned all when they once again swept the competition and took the win. Their future is looking bright as they head toward Regionals this weekend. The boys team met their goals for the meet and ended their season with a strong race by all.

When team members were asked to reflect back on their season, they shared some thoughts with The Claw that kept them going through each practice and meet.

Madeleine Hunt- “Stay pumped and be confident.”
Arielle Zlotnick- “Try your best.”
Kyle Manlogon- “Go for it.”
Shannon Early- “The expert in everything was once a beginner.”
Jenny Ladd- “She who has the will to win cannot be beaten.”
Garrett Earley- “To give less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”
Billy Seguin- “Don’t fail.”
Harrison Mazur and Tom Lipkin- “You’re done (Copyright Garrett Earley).”


Thank you to Runner’s Alley for all the photos.