Owen Batchelder Signs Letter of Intent to Northeastern University

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Owen Batchelder Signs Letter of Intent to Northeastern University

Dylan Morneau

Dylan Morneau

Dylan Morneau

Dylan Morneu, Senior Photo editor

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 “What are your strengths and weaknesses on and off the baseball field?”

Owen: “On the baseball field i’d say being a leader and leading by example, and being a good teammate. Off the field I would say is being overall a good person and trying to carry my baseball leadership into my everyday life and just be a good person to everybody.”

Dylan: “What sets you apart from other players?”

Owen: “Fortunately i’m athletic but I would really say my work ethic sets me apart from other players.”

Dylan: “Were you surprised that Northeastern contacted you?”

Owen: “Not really I have been talking to them for a while it was nice to finally come to an agreement with them.”

Dylan: “What are you looking forward too most in college?”

Owen: “The challenges everyday in and out of the classroom and on the baseball field I’m hoping it will help me grow a lot as a person and a baseball player and it will be good to go throughout life with a Northeastern degree so i’m looking forward to it.”

Dylan: “What do you plan to major in college?”

Owen: “I’d like to major in business and specifically marketing.”

Dylan:“What are your plans after college?”

Owen: “I want to become a CEO of a company or an MLB team or some sports team kinda get into a marketing job.”

Dylan: “Is there anybody you would like to thank and who are your inspirations?”

Owen: “I’d like to thank everybody at Souhegan, Coach Dod, Coach B, Coach Regan, and all my friends, teammates, And Northeastern.”