Alpine Season 2016-2017


Camden Fritz

A warm winter last season caused races to be canceled and a late start to get training on the mountain. Anyhow, during states, the girls team came in 2nd place with senior Rhiannon Allison winning first in slalom. Freshman Olivia Bennett got 10th place in GS;  just making the cut for the Meet of Champions at Cannon Mt. along with Rhiannon. The Girls team sadly had to say goodbye to seven seniors who were the foundation of the team for the four years prior.

This years already has had a good start as resorts have opened  because snows falling and the air’s cold enough in the mountains to blow snow. The captains this year will be seniors Ellie Noble and Mitch Greany who will be very strong leaders and have been a part of the team their whole high school career. Dry land training starts the November 28th and both teams will be on the mountain as soon as they get the okay.