Alpine 2016-2017


Last season’s poor snow conditions caused several races to be canceled and a late start to getting training on the mountain.  In spite of uncooperative conditions, the  Alpine team was able to take 2nd place in the states.  This was mainly due to former grad Rhiannon Allison winning her first in Slalom finish and Freshman Olivia Bennett getting 10th place in GS.  

Souhegan sadly said goodbye to seven seniors on the girls side who were the foundation of the team.  However, this year seems to have a ton of promising new faces and better snow potential. 

This year is already filled with powdery hope as resorts have opened.  Captains  Ellie (   )    and Mitch  () appear to be very strong leaders and will hopefully lead the team to  a successful  year . Dry land training starts November 28th and mountain training begins as soon as the okay is given.   Below are some highlight photos from last year’s big finish.