The Results of the Gender Neutral Bathroom

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The Results of the Gender Neutral Bathroom

Last Thursday Community Council posed a school wide vote (staff included) to inform council about how each student felt about the Gender Neutral Bathroom Proposal.  This vote was not to decide whether or not the bathrooms would be put in place, but to simply poll the population of Souhegan.

The vote was during 5th and 6th period, the students’ advisory and lunch time.  The ballot  stated the full proposal, a check box with “I am in favor”/”I am not in favor”, and a section for comments.

On Friday, Executive Council counted up all of the votes and categorized all the comments. Here are the results.

Group Yes No % Y % N % Voted Size Number Voted
Freshmen 74 51 59% 41% 64% 187 125
Sophomore 61 70 47% 53% 72% 182 131
Juniors 65 90 42% 58% 65% 238 155
Seniors 109 51 68% 32% 70% 225 160
Students 309 262 54% 46% 69% 832 571
Staff 56 0 100% 0% 34% 164 56
School 365 262 58% 42% 63% 996 627


Both the Freshmen and Senior class had a high majority or students in favor of the proposal. The Junior class had the most amount of votes against the proposal with 58% opposed.  Lastly the Sophomore class was a close race with 9 opposed students winning over the vote.

The school had a 63% voter turn out, with 58% voting in favor of the proposal.

This proposal has been in the works since the last school year.  The original proposal was brought to Council by Senior Emery Colburn, he received support from his friends and members of the GSA.