Hot Style for the Cold

Hot Style for the Cold

Shawn Latulippe

Don’t retreat to the comfort of baggy sweat pants because of the icy weather. I’ve been tempted myself, but fashion is an important part of us all. Showcase what you love through your own style preferences and I’ll tell you what’s popular this winter.

Bomber jackets are  making a comeback and you can find them anywhere, specifically Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.  With these 90s staples it’s easy to make yours unique by buying different iron on patches to match your personality–I even dug out my mom’s old bomber jacket for my winter style. Jean jackets are another must, so incorporate them into any outfit you have. Jean-on-jean is no longer a fashion faux pas so wear your jeans with a jean jacket with no fear of judgment.

Flannels are a fall must and an even better addition to any winter outfit.  If you still want to wear crop tops in the dead of winter like me and a few other crazy people, have no fear because a flannel can enhance any outfit and they’re comfortable. Beauty doesn’t always have to be pain!

To make being comfortable in the iciest of weather better, leggings are in and no one can say they’re not pants. Don’t forget to pair a choker with any outfit, they are a little overdone now, but in the best way possible.

Silence + Noise Metallic Shimmer Mesh Tee
$29 from Urban Outfitters

Another new fashion trend that’s growing stronger and the stronger is sheer, sparkly and iridescent fabrics. They were out for a while, but pair a top with that fabric and black jeans and boots and you’ll look straight out of a fashion shoot. Velvet is back and better than ever so don’t shy away from the much loved fabric of stores like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle right now.