Why Houseplants Will Make You a Better Student

Why Houseplants Will Make You a Better Student

Research has shown that not only do our little green friends add some color to our rooms, but can also make you a better student.  A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, shows that having a few plants in a work space can help maintain one’s attention.

This decorative foliage will purify the air in your room helping you breath, and help deter illnesses by raising the moisture in the room.  Keeping you healthy and well will increase productivity and motivation.

Most plants require minimal care and attention.  Opening up your curtains will brighten up your space making you and your greenery happy and bright.

The Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester, England found that students’ attentiveness increases by 70% when learning or studying in a room with plants.  Just one large plant can reduce fatigue and stress.

Here are some plants best used in living and work spaces:

English Ivy

Peace Lily

Snake Plant

Spider Plant


Put some houseplants in your work space and notice your work fly by!