Women’s March on Washington


Isabel Cullen , Reporter

On Saturday, January 21st protests were held for Women’s Rights in 576 cities around the world. The protests were primarily for gender equality but they also promoted LGBT rights, racial equality, environmental awareness and immigration reform. The Women’s March on Washington served as a response to the inauguration of President Trump. On the first day of Trumps presidency he took down pages on Climate Change, Civil Rights and LGBT Rights from the White House website. Many people were outraged by these actions and it added more fuel to the protests on Saturday.

The largest protest was held in Washington D.C. There were an estimated 500,000 women and men attending this march making it one of the largest protests ever to occur in the city. Many famous feminists spoke at the Washington protest like actress Ashley Judd, feminist Gloria Steinem and actress America Ferrera. Ferrera said during speech “But the president is not America. His cabinet is not America. Congress is not America. We are America! And we are here to stay.”

I was able to attend the March in Boston which is thought to be the third largest march that took place on Saturday. About 175,000 people showed up. As the morning began masses of people crowded onto trains, many wearing hats with cat ears on them. The name of these hats have an objectionable nature and because this is a school newspaper we’ll just call them “pink hats”. Nevertheless these pink hats that were important to the march because they are a symbol of women taking pride in being female and a mock on Trump for the insult he used towards women during the election. Then everyone packed into Boston Common to listen to the speakers before the march, some climbing trees to get a better view of the stage. Many speakers had influential things to say.  Elizabeth Warren said “We are here. We will not be silent. We will not be dead. We will fight for what we believe in.” After the speeches the crowd of people marched a mile through the city for the cause.