The Wonder of the Photo Essay

There’s the old adage that a picture can say 1,000 words.  Over the past few weeks, students in Digital Magazine class have been refining their photography skills and story telling abilities.  Students were asked to create a story using a combination of  original photographs and  words to create dynamic and engaging slideshows that tell a story.  Below you will find stories regarding protest marches to the journey of a dream.



A Day in the Life of a Dream
The Stress of Dressing to Impress
Camp Fires 101
Life of a Busy Junior in High School
The  Faces of Future College Athletes
Moose’s Big Adventure
Women’s March on Concord, NH
Women’s March on Washington 2017
How to: Fly a Drone
A Day in the Life of Abby Keeney
Sleep Deprivation and Students Stress Levels at Souhegan
Stress, Stress and More Stress
Different Variations of Hair Styles at Souhegan High School

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