Saber Video Finalists in State Competition

Finalists Sam Henry, John Ranta, and Kyle Gibson need votes for community support and for their video.


What happens when you give two students with a passion for coding and programming a video camera?  For Souhegan sophomores Kyle Gibson and Sam Henry they become finalists in a statewide video contest with a chance to win $1,400.    

In late December,  Reaching Higher visited Souhegan High School and invited students to participate in their  “Get Schooled NH” video contest.  The challenge, to create a two minute video highlighting the 21st century learning skills of communication, creativity, collaboration, and self-direction while identifying a teacher-mentor that has helped in the process.

Kyle and Sam identified Souhegan High School’s programming and media arts teacher John Ranta as their teacher-mentor.  ” I was surprised and honored that Sam and Kyle asked me to be their teacher-mentor in their video,”  Ranta said.

Sam Henry and Kyle Gibson

The video focuses on Sam Henry’s passion for programming in and out of the classroom.   “From games, to music, to video, as well as programming; expressing creativity has been my biggest passion ever since I was 5 years old. Get Schooled NH was perfect for expressing that and I’m very excited about this opportunity, ” Sam Henry said.

The trio is in need of some assistance from the local community in order to win.   The winner of the video will be selected on February 15th by who has the most votes.   ” Sam and I are very excited to be finalists in this project and we are very grateful for your vote and appreciate all the support you can give,” Kyle Gibson said.

You can vote for Kyle and Sam’s video here.   You may vote once a day until voting closes on February 15th.   $700 will go to Kyle and Sam and $700 will go to Souhegan in support of project based learning at Souhegan High School.