Socks of Souhegan

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  • Fellow Souhegan senior Dylan Morneau is seen above sporting his very unique socks that feature dogs wearing santa hats. When asked why he originally bought the socks he said “They are so cool. It was Christmas and they were cheap.” He continued on by saying, “Look good feel good, that's why I wore these socks today.” Dylan believes that socks help differentiate people, and going plain black or white socks can be easy, but statement pieces like dog socks are really something special.

  • Another Souhegan senior Lindsey Hagerstrom sports her sassy socks, which are Christmas themed as well. She said that she wore her socks that particular day because she simply needed higher socks, but that she does believe that socks are a good use of expression. She explains how “If you are a fun person and you wear fun socks, you’ll feel extra fun that day.” She loves how quirky socks can be, and thinks that they can be used to brighten people’s day.

  • Souhegan teacher Matt McDonald shows of his colorful socks that he chose to wear since it matched his sweater that day. He said he loves how random socks can be and continued with “Sometimes I like to wear socks that completely clash with what I'm wearing, but today I decided I would match my socks with the other colors I’m wearing.” Matt got these particular pair of socks from a monthly sock subscription box (believe it or not). He thinks socks are a good outlet for expression, especially since some people like to have certain strong characteristics about themselves.

  • Sam Cushing is another senior at Souhegan who isn’t afraid to get creative with her socks. She loves aliens and the color yellow so these socks are perfect for her. She too believes that something as small as socks can brighten someone’s day including your own. She describes creative socks as “mood booster”. She continues on by saying “[creative socks] are better than plain socks. They can turn a bad day into a good day. Even if my outfit isn’t nice a certain day, my socks will always be cool.” Sam truly believes that the smallest detail such as a sock can make a huge difference in someone’s mood.

  • Sporting some tall striped socks, Souhegan senior Harry Frank takes pride in the way his shoes and socks are matching. He describes his socks as “fresh” and likes wearing them because he believes they are a good reflection of his own creativity. He thinks that socks can tell you a bit about people’s personalities and how outgoing they are.

  • Souhegan sophomore Hannah Rowe is shown wearing the socks her friend gave her. She loves sloths and so these socks are naturally one of her favorite pairs. She too agrees that socks can help boost your mood. “If I’m sad I can just look down and see a sloth smiling back at me” Hannah beams. When asked if socks are a good expression of mood or personality hannah replied with “Yes. I mean, if someone wears white socks everyday, maybe they are afraid to go outside of their comfort zone. But if they are wearing fun socks, it might show that they are enjoy fun and weird things a little more.”

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