6 Simple Reasons Why Voting is Important

1. As an American citizen, it’s important to exercise your right to vote. It was less than 100 years ago when women were finally given the right to vote. Before that, it took generations of feminists to complete the full circle of The Women’s Suffrage movement. Women all around the world are still struggling to gain respect and equality from their counterparts. Many people have fought long and hard for you to vote. This right has a price, one that the generations before you have paid so you can vote.
2. New Hampshire is a well known early primary state, making it seem like battlegrounds in the months leading up to the big vote. In the weeks closely following the Iowa caucus, our home state follows with the famous New Hampshire primary. Front runners secure their spot during these 2 events, and the rest bid for second. New Hampshire has been well known as the swing state, one that can influence future voters in other states. This is because citizens fall all over the political spectrum. From fiscally conservative, to socially liberal, New Hampshire has it all.
3. It’s easy to fall out of the loop of politics. Even the status of local politicians can be constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up, but it’s also very important. Before the local elections, an informational guide will be sent out to all town residents. Even if you do plan on voting, it’s important to read and research your possible articles and candidates as well. Going into the booth with your mindset and you pens ready can make the process even quicker.
4. World peace doesn’t happen when people stay home on election day. If you want change, then voting is a good way to start. With a population as small as Amherst and Mont Vernon, it’s important that everyone makes the effort to vote. In the past few years, results have been dangerously close. In the most recent town election, John Glover and Sam Giarrusso even tied the votes at 478. Just think, one more vote and the results could have gone either way. The hassles of work, school, and other activities can make it hard to fit in other events, but it’s important to find time to make it to the polls.
5. It’s not uncommon during presidential elections to see an overwhelming amount of signs stacked up on your neighbor’s property, or even the candidates themselves, especially here in New Hampshire. Here in the swing state of New Hampshire, we have the power to set the tone at the poles. During the presidential election, front running candidates can often be found here, personally campaign for their own cause. It’s not unheard of to have the opportunity to meet and talk with front running candidates at the fourth of July parade, or even at your local grocery store.
6. Our forefathers fought long and hard for us to have the right to vote. It’s our civic duty as American citizens to exercise this right. In the 2016 general election, only about 50% of people eligible 18-29 years old voted It’s simple, the future relies on us. Citizens of the United States of America hold the power to create change.