Is the Apple Watch Worth It?

Ben Shapiro, Contributing Author

The Apple Watch has an identity crisis. By that I mean it doesn’t know exactly what it wants to be. It wants to be a health tracker, a game machine, and a communications device all at the same time. Does it work as an all in one wearable device?

The Apple Watch 38mm has an OLED retina display with a resolution of 272 by 340 p.  While this does make the watch display look nicer compared to other brands, it comes at a cost. The Apple Watch’s battery only lasts for 18 hours, which is far less than other watches on the market. And while it isn’t a huge hassle to charge it – as it charges very quickly – it would still be nice if the battery lasted longer.

Let’s start with the first reason people usually buy a smart watch, health tracking. The Apple watch keeps track of heart rate, the amount of steps you have taken, how long you have stood for, and many other types of data. The watch keeps all of this in the health app for easy storage and access. After using the Apple Watch for a while, I have found it to be fairly accurate. Although it sometimes gets things wrong, I found it tracks health data pretty well.


If you are interested in the Apple Watch as a gaming device, I urge you to not get it for that. The Apple Watch series 1 does not have a powerful enough processor to handle games and the small screen severely limits what kind of games are available. However, there are many useful apps that make up for the lack of games. There are apps that let you control your Apple tv, change your music, text and call your friends, and many more.

Even though the Apple Watch gets a bad rep sometimes, it is a fairly good smart watch. It has good health tracking, a good variety of apps, and a nice display. But its price tag and battery life hinders it from making it an amazing smart watch. In conclusion, if you have an iphone and have the money, it’s a good watch to buy. But for others, you may want to look for another smart watch.