The Northern Pass


Rally outside of capital building.

On Sunday, April 23rd, I got the chance to take apart of the protest at the Capital Building t against the Northern Pass. It’s been 8 years and Eversource Energy, hasn’t given up on their eye sore of a project. The Northern Pass is an energy line that is supposed to transport clean energy from Quebec to the Northeast. The route through New Hampshire would start in Pittsburg and end in Deerfield, and would consist of nearly 1100 voltage towers. Doesn’t seem to bad besides the fact that the towers will be an average of 135 feet and taller in Southern New Hampshire. There are 80 towns that would forever have to look at the gigantic metal towers that would forever ruin their natural beauty.
Building large metal towers isn’t Eversources only option. They could run their lines underground, which they are planning on doing already in parts of the state like Franconia, but this would cost them 2x as much money to do for the whole state. Eversource is also claiming that There’s so much you can do to help stop the Northern Pass, like writing to our Governor and telling your friends and family what harm it will cause. Visit for more information