Summer 17′ Must Haves!


Shawn Latulippe

Graphics and Slogans

Slogan and graphic t-shirts have been all the rage recently, featured on runways from New York to Paris. A good graphic or slogan t-shirt can be used to send a message to people about what you love or believe strongly in, therefore it is a fantastic way to use clothing to show off your personality! Slogan t-shirts are usually just words on a t-shirt, like “Stop Wars” or “Save the Planet”.  Graphic t-shirts can also have words on them, but are more picture focused and are often of someone’s favorite band like a Led Zeppelin shirt or a favorite movie, like a picture of the movie Jaws. Slogan t-shirts have become popular recently because of the relentless political climate. With more people becoming passionate about standing up for what they believe in and more young people becoming interested in politics, a slogan t-shirt is a great way to illustrate what you believe in. Graphic tees can also add some excitement to an otherwise plain outfit; you can where one with any jean, short or skirt you want to.

Sheer Fashion Sense

One look that isn’t going anywhere soon, so you should take advantage of it as much as possible this summer, is sheer! One of the best ways to wear sheer this summer will be to the beach. You can wear a sheer cover up or shorts and a sheer shirt that shows off your cute bathing suit underneath. If you want a more conservative look you can wear sheer over any outfit to make it more enticing and pleasing to the eye. People often wear a sheer shirt with their favorite bra or bralette under it, and with how hot summer is, the lighter the fabric, and the less clothes the better!

Ripped Everything

Most people have gotten flack from an older relative at one point or another with the question “did you buy your jeans with those rips?”, but summer is the prime time to ignore that question, or smile and say “hell yes I bought them this way!”. In the heat of the summer, you have the best possible excuse as to why you need rips in your jeans and holes in your shorts. At the beach, don’t be afraid to rock some ripped jean shorts so you don’t die from the heat and if you need a jacket, a ripped jean jacket is always in style and will add an edge to any outfit.

Ruffles of the Caribbean

Ruffles are back and they will have you feeling like hunting for treasure on the beach all summer. Ruffles are a fashion trend that is either really out or really in, but this summer it is very much in and will add a classic throwback to the 1400s, 1800s or 1980s. Ruffles can decorate necklines, skirts and blouses nicely; but make sure to not go too overboard with them. Ruffles are a statement on their own and can replace extra accessories like necklaces, so if you’re wearing a shirt with a lot of ruffles, skip the necklace. Ruffled shirts also go nicely with skinny jeans or a streamlined skirt. However, ruffles are not for everyone, they can be bulky sometimes because of all the layers and some people prefer an overall more streamlined look; but if you love them, they will love you this season!

Embroidered Summer

A recent fashion comeback along with ruffles is embroidered clothes. Embroidered clothing can be unique and can make a normally plain outfit look more exciting. If you take a white top, bottom or dress and add some beautiful stitch work to it whether it be colored stitching or silver and gold, you can make an otherwise boring outfit interesting. Embroidery can also make any sheer fabric clothing look incredible and eye turning. Whatever your summer fashion choice, summer is a time to let loose and have fun, so experiment with clothes you wouldn’t typically wear and be happy in everything you wear!