Club Day 2017

Grace Morton, Webpage Editor

Souhegan’s students have a wide variety of skills and interests, and the incredible number of after-school clubs reflect that. Here are a few clubs that you can join, as well as a slideshow with photos of displays at Club Day this year. If you’d like your club featured on this list, fill out this form.

Club name: Souhegan Climbing Club

Summary:  We climb, hang out as a group and do some training and drills. We have trips to Vertical Dreams and outdoor trips.

Club advisor: John Dowd

To contact climbing club, email

Meets Fridays after school at 2:30 in the mini-gym

Follow climbing club on Instagram @shsclimbing

Club name: The Roundtable Magazine

Summary: Souhegan’s print magazine for the arts. We cover art, music, theater, photography, writing, clubs, and more! Our mission is to highlight all of the cool stuff going on through the SHS arts programs and to bring light to our incredibly talented student body.

Club advisor: Kim Paniagua

To contact The Roundtable Magazine, email

Meets Wednesdays at 2:30 in the Writing Center

Follow The Roundable on Twitter @TheRoundtable18 or Instagram- @theroundtablemagazine

Club name: Yearbook

Summary: This club designs, creates and sells the 2018 SHS yearbook.

Club advisor: Michelle Castelle

To contact Yearbook, email

Meets Thursdays 2:30 – 3:15pm in room A122

Club name: The Chess Club

Summary: The Chess Club offers chess instruction and competition to players of all levels including those new to the game.

Club advisors: Dave McGrath and Steve Anderson

To contact Chess Club, email or

Meets Fridays from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in the Info Center.

Club name: Table Tennis Club

Summary: Table Tennis Club, a.k.a. Ping Pong Club, is one of the more popular clubs at Souhegan. We meet every Friday immediately free school. Some players come and play for 15 minutes before they go to their primary after school sport.  Some players stay for the entire 2 hours. We have 3 tables currently and play singles and doubles. Coaching is provided to learn the correct rules, proper stroke technique and game strategy. A Souhegan school-wide tournament is held in November and we compete against other high schools, as well as play in the state table tennis tournament in February. While some players are very competitive, the emphasis is on fun and having a few laughs at the end of a stressful week of school.

Club advisor: Viet Pham

To contact Table Tennis club, email

Meets Fridays and maybe Wednesdays 2:25 to 4:30 pm starting 9/29 until graduation in June, at the end of the 2nd floor science wing.

Club name: Programming Club

Summary: Computer programming in various coding languages (ActionScript, Python, etc.)

Club advisor: John Ranta

To contact Programming Club, email

Meets Mondays from 2:25 to 3:30 (May change due to availability of club members) in Lab A103/A104

Club name: Outing Club

Summary: The purpose of the outing club is to provide high adventure opportunities to Souhegan students.  We hike, climb, paddle, backpack, raft and more!

Club advisors: John Dowd, Terry Berna, and Kim Theriault.

To contact outing club, talk to one of the club advisors.

Meets as needed, location varies.

Club name: International Club

Summary: In International Club we will discuss other country’s cultures and all aspects of their cultures to create a deeper global awareness.

Club advisor: Paula Garvey

To contact International Club, email (note: no L at the end of “international”)

Meets every other Tuesday starting October 3rd in the foods and nutrition room.


Club name: Yoga Club

Summary: The Yoga Club is a place where students and staff can come together to destress after a long school day by taking part in yoga and meditation.

Club advisor: Traci Cote

To contact Yoga Club, text (603) 714-1125

Meets Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:00 in the mini gym.                                                               


Other clubs: