Writers’ Workshop: Author Kat Howard Visits Souhegan

Kat Howard, author of Roses and Rot, lead a writer’s workshop earlier this month for Souhegan students.  Howard’s novel Roses and Rot was Publishers Weekly Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Novel of Summer 2016.

Howard lead the students through several writing activities.  Students were asked to create opening sentences and generate a series of short vignettes of actions that they then shared with the group.


Adrianna Zlotnick listens to Howard’s advice regarding creative writing.

Howard described how she writes her novels and gave the advice that the writing process, “…is different for every author.”  She had a variety of tips and tricks with getting started on a novel.   Many of her characters have been inspired by songs and  music albums.  She also recommended that she start with a scene and build the story around the action.

Howard recommended that young writers should visualize their characters as much as possible and to think about not only what they would say but how they walk and hold themselves.   Howard gave the advice for authors to “Picture your character entering a room.  How would they walk in?  How would they hold themselves?”

Workshop attendees were asked to submit questions to Ms. Howard who led a Q&A session regarding topics ranging from naming characters to overcoming writer’s block.

The next author’s workshop is scheduled for November 9th.   Author  Elaine Isaak will be in the Info Center after school discussing the power of narrative and fielding students’ questions.