Hope(y)s and Dreams Achieved


Ethan Hopey is a senior at Souhegan High School and committed to play Division III men’s lacrosse at Nichols College (https://www.nichols.edu/) , founded in 1815 in Dudley, Massachusetts.

Hopey has dreams of majoring in business and then going to a highly competitive school to get his PhD. Although he had many other options of colleges to choose from, Hopey chose Nichols with the help of his parents, who he said have supported him through the whole process.

Hopey’s primary position is attack and he has been playing since the ripe age of 5. Many of his teammates refer to him as, “a great kid,” and as, “someone you can look up to.” Hopey explained that he has always set high expectations for himself and expects to continue doing that through his college career and afterwords.

Hopey speaks highly of Souhegan’s Lacrosse program, saying it is, “a great place for people to get together and have fun and be part of a family more than a team.” He’s been on varsity since freshman year and is hoping to be a captain this year.