From a Senior to a Freshman: Fang Fest


Kristin Meader, Editor in Chief

Dear Freshmen,
        It’s February, and in case you haven’t heard, February means one thing at Souhegan: Fang Fest, Souhegan’s version of spirit week. However, it is much more than your average spirit week. There are contests to win, costumes to create, hallways to decorate, dances to choreograph, and much more. As you prepare for your first Fang Fest, there’s a lot of questions that come up. So without further ado, here are a few things you need to know:
        First, everyone dresses up. I’m sure you have heard that before, but you should know that “dressing up” for Fang Fest is more than just wearing a green t-shirt. I still remember my freshman year walking into the first day of Fang Fest, wearing a green shirt, green socks, and a green tutu, and thinking that I was too dressed up. Yet, as soon as I stepped foot in Souhegan I realized there was no such thing. If you think that you are too dressed up for Fang Fest, I promise you aren’t. The more spirit you have, the better the week will be.
        Second, you need to know if the best places to buy your outfits. Nobody wants a bad outfit, but as high school students, most of us don’t have an unlimited cash supply to spend on 80s workout clothes and colored tights. Fortunately, there are a few tips to help save some money. Party City is a Fang Fest must. With their color-sorted accessories, it is easy to find the perfect things. Not to mention the rest of the store is filled with stuff for the other theme days. Another way to save money during Fang Fest is to visit thrift stores. Places like Goodwill and Mother & Child have tons of possible outfits for only a few bucks. Finally, if you want some free stuff borrowing things from upperclassmen. Everyone else was a freshman once, and I’m sure many of your upperclassmen friends still have their green bandanas or tights tucked away in the back of their closets.
        Third, get involved. I know that everybody says that, but it’s because it’s true. Fang Fest gives everyone the chance to do something.  My personal favorite is the hallways. Hallways start Thursday after school and they bring the whole grade together to work on one thing. Everyone who shows up has something to do, whether it be taping balloons to the wall, painting a poster, or building some sort of structure for the entrance of the hallway. However, if that doesn’t sound like you there are plenty of other options. You could participate in the dance, or the mural contest, or one of the afterschool contest. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have a blast doing it and earn more Fang Fest points for your grade!
        Finally, enjoy every minute of it. I know this is cliche, but the four years of high school fly by.  I remember my first Fang Fest and it feels like it yesterday, nevermind three years ago. So during Fang Fest, take it all in. Have fun with your costumes, take tons of pictures, do as much as you can, and enjoy your grade coming together.  Fang Fest is a great time at Souhegan, but it goes by fast.  So enjoy every minute of it, because before you know it you’ll be a senior and you’ll only have one more left.
           A Senior