Runner’s Alley; Your Local Running Hub


Thomas Headington, Contributing Author

Opened for business in June of 1997, Runner’s Alley was founded to support and encourage outdoor activities by supplying the gear people need and today it has grown to do this and more.


Originally attending college for Hospital Administration and Planning, the founder Jeanine Sylvester, quickly realized that a desk job wasn’t for her. After buying running shoes without assistance for years, all it took was a visit to a unique running store in Denver to light the spark that has become Runner’s Alley.

With three store locations located in Portsmouth, Concord and Manchester you can always stop in to find cheerful employees dedicated to helping you with whatever you need. They have a sizable collection of shoes that will accommodate for the needs of all walkers, joggers and racers alike. With many name brands you’ll be sure to find something for you. Although their shoes are a big part of their business, it does not nearly encompass all the services they provide. They have a wide selection of clothing, hydration, nutrition and specialized products such as rollers and Garmins. Basically they have everything you’ll need to reach your running goals.

So what makes Runner’s Alley so unique? number one is our staff, said Jeanine Sylvester, which in turn brings us great customers. We love creating an experience for each of our customers and find great satisfaction in providing solutions to all their running needs.”


When you walk into a Runner’s Alley store you’re met with a warm easy going atmosphere.  Employees don’t try to sell you anything until they have analyzed your stride. Instead, they bring the best options from many different shoe brands to see which feels best for you.

Not only does the customer service exceed expectations, but Runner’s Alley has an outstanding track record with the local running community.  They host weekly running groups throughout the year and sponsor road races throughout the state.

Additionally, Runner’s Alley offers classes that are designed to better preserve and enhance the physical health of inexperienced and experienced runners alike. Runner’s Alley works year round to partner with local businesses as a way to reach out to the community and help get people outdoors.  

If you’re looking to get into running or already are, Runner’s Alley is the perfect place to get the gear you need to perform your best!