That one song

That makes you remember

That one night in summer

Laying on the couch,

Feeling the softness of the blanket

Smelling that night in August

Seeing the darkness out the window

And the white of your phone

You talked with your best friend

Who hit rock-bottom depression

She said “Please,

Stay up with me, I don’t wanna be alone”

And that one song she heard

The same one in your ears

As the sun slowly awoke

And the moon retired to its tomb

You felt a tear fall from your face

As you heard the beginning guitar riff,

You pressed your phone to your chest

Pretending to sleep so your dad

Could still be unknowing of that night

That night that turned to day in

The corner of your eye

As you heard that one song

Begin once more

You saw the sun grew higher

And the sky got lighter

It’s red glow spilling over your fake-asleep body

As your dad woke you up

And you pretended to rise

And you looked at your phone

She said “I need to see you today

I don’t wanna be alone.”

You put on shoes and got in the car

Your dad driving up the hill

And past the fields

As the orange-pink sky faded to blue

The clouds nowhere in sight

As the song slowly faded and ended

And finally began again.

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