By All Means Necessary

“By all means necessary”

We will demolish the white devils

The devils that tyrannize

The devils that bomb

Skip away girls, go home to mama

“Nobody can give you freedom”

Pry the weight off your neck

Retrieve the mind from the gravel

Let the ripples bring you home

Go back to bed boy; it’s too early for this

“Stumbling is not falling”

Drive through the wall of souls that beg you to fail

The ignorant integrationist’s insidious plan

Won’t work this time

So get to class, the bell will sound any minute

“A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything”

Trek onwards from your toxic drop

You couldn’t see the termination before

You can now

A bloody sun don’t shine as brilliant as a strong one

History is bound at the seams

A flameproof match

No one can be spared from its existence

Nobody could be spared from its presence

Their bodies decomposed

Their spirits unite

Onwards, They Still Fight

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