Souhegan Founders Regret Building School on River and Under Power Lines


Anonymous, Writer

Souhegan High School– With the recent windstorms, rainstorms, and snowstorms, the people who built Souhegan have started to rethink their decision to build a school in a flood zone.

When asked about why he supported the decision, one of the founders responded, “I mean, you couldn’t have expected us to consider that a river would flood when it rained, could you? I mean nobody would think that in the spring the snow would melt AND there would be rain. Who could have foreseen that?”

In addition, the power lines are under scrutiny. Students have started to become annoyed with the constant buzzing they hear when they are in the student parking lot. “Ya, the power lines are horrible,” says one student, “the sound is super obnoxious, plus I keep thinking I am going to have cancer because of them.”  

After such a long winter with many snow days, the Souhegan community now has to hope for not too much rain as to avoid a flood day and extending the school year. Students who are from Mont Vernon are in an especially tough situation. They have to struggle for their want to not extend the school year with their want for a flood day since it doesn’t affect them.