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On the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh

October 18, 2018

This past Saturday, the 6th of October, supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was confirmed. For many it was a day of hopelessness, a day where millions of women watched from the steps of the senate, or from the screens of their phones, as their voices be stripped away. A painstaking sense of deja vu, a relapse of the Anita Hill events in 1991. The weeks leading up to the event taking a toll on the mentality of the nation. Since the 2016 presidential election, America has been divided between Republicans and Democrats, a rift that has a lot to do with fake news and its accessibility on social media. A rift that is making situations like this hard to handle in an organized fashion.

On July 6th, 2018, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford reached out to Senator Dianne Feinstein, accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when the two of them were in high school. Although, it wasn’t until September 16th that the identity of the accuser was made public, something many find very suspicious.The timing leading people to believe it was a 11th hour smear carried out by the democrats to block Kavanaugh’s conformation. Because rather than a woman doing what she feels is her civic duty, it’s a conspiracy because any normal woman would’ve come forward immediately following the incident, right?  So why didn’t she? Probably because she knew no one would believe her. She knew that she would end up paying the price for his mistake. Years and years of history have shown us that our words don’t matter, that no matter how loud we yell we will never be heard. That we will never be as smart, as qualified, as kept together, as strong, or worth as much as men. Even when we know that it’s so obviously untrue sensory overload can be a compelling argument. Sexism in modern society can be elusive and easy to ignore, especially when it’s all you know. That’s just how it is. Boys will be boys. And isn’t it strange that we have never had a female president but yet both our current president and supreme court justice have been accused of sexual assault. To a community of sexual assault survivors who wept and quivered with Ford during her testimony, who have felt the shame, the nauseating and suffocating loss of one’s self. To the ones who have yet to get justice, it shows them their stories aren’t valid. How can we expect justice when someone who, there is a large amount of evidence to suggest has committed sexual assault, can be appointed to the highest court in the land? How can we say equality when they stuff our mouths with denial? How can I believe in a country that doesn’t believe me?

The conformation of Brett Kavanaugh is more than just right vs. left it’s a bigger issue of the dynamic of power the sweeps our nation. This isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, about winning or losing. This is about our inability to hear any story other than our own. The consistent tendency for a lack of empathy for others we all share.  Right or left, Republican or Democrat, Christine Blasey Ford is a person who is seeking justice for the violation of her right to her own body. Isn’t that a voice that deserves to be heard?

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