Big Fish to be Performed at the Amato Center

Ana Nikolenko, contributing author

From November 1st to the 4th, the  The Boy’s and Girl’s Club presents Big Fish, performed at the Amato Center in Milford The story of Big Fish was first told as a novel written by Daniel Wallace, then made into a movie directed by Tim Burton in 2003,  and most recently adapted into a musical.

The show tells the story of Edward and Will Bloom. Edward tells outlandish tales of his unbelievable life to his son Will Eventually Edward is diagnosed with a terminal illness, with their limited time together, Will is determined to seek the truth within his father’s stories.  “The show is kind of hard to explain which is why you should come and see it,” says Zack Dean, playing Don Price.


Big Fish has a lot to offer, it has beautiful music from many genres, intriguing and eye-catching choreography, and an engaging storyline. ‘It’s not like any other show, it has its own genre and a little piece of everything,” says Grace Goolsby, playing the role of the fisherman. This cast has truly brought  this story and characters to life
This past year, the Amato Center graduated many seniors, leaving large shoes for the current cast and crew to fill.  This is one of the youngest productions to be performed, providing many underclassmen with their first lead roles. “We ’re the next generation moving up, we’re all really excited and eager,” says Zack Dean.

Over the past couple of months, the cast and crew have been determined to put together a spectacular show. Big Fish, is a show like nothing else, “it’s rare to find a lighthearted musical with serious themes and Big Fish has all of that,” said by director Katie Hammes.


This musical is a must see, showing the weekend of November 1st through the 4th. Bring your friends and family to  see Big Fish at The Amato Center in Milford. You can buy tickets online at or before the show. Tickets are $8.00 for student tickets and $12.00 for adults . Come and support your friends and local theatre by seeing Big Fish.