Operation Care For Troops Looking for Donations

Bella Blood, contributing author



‘Operation Care for Troops’, a grassroots organization based in Nashua NH, supplies deployed military personnel in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Syria, Kuwait, etc. with items not easily obtained in the hopes of making their job a little easier by caring, devoted volunteers. Further, ‘Operation Care for Troops’ (OCT) responds with requested items to military personnel whenever possible including relief situations.

‘Operation Care for Troops’ supports “Stand-Down Day” held annually in Nashua, NH for southern NH homeless and displaced veterans. OCT supplies a care package designed for the needs of the homeless veteran. Further, OCT works with the NH VASH program and supplies in December the Holiday stockings for the children of service families in transition.

‘Operation Care for Troops’ is a community involving organization from local schools, summer camps to retirement communities to area business

How You Can Help: Donating some of the items listed into the drop box here and spreading the word! (Drop boxes located at the Amherst Town Library, Clark & Wilkins, and Souhegan High School)

This particular initiative to get drop boxes in the local area for OCTNH was organized by Bella Blood. For questions and/or comments, please use the following email: isabella.blood@student39.org