TOP 10 ACTIVITIES IN ADVISORY: According to Matt’s 9M advisory

November 13, 2018

These are the top ten activities to do in advisory.

10.) High/Lows-  While a commonplace in almost any advisory, sharing the highs and lows of the weekend or even the day almost always leads to a funny story or anecdote that is bound to become an inside joke within the advisory. 

9.) Coloring- Even though it may sound like a child’s activity, coloring relaxes students when they need a distraction in periods of overthinking. Not only that, but the simplicity of coloring is in and of itself relaxing.



8.) A-Z Conversations- This activity is a great mental exercise that challenges students to come up with wacky sentences that fit the letter. You start with ‘A’ and go around the circle starting sentences to contribute to the conversation. These conversations can let students delve into their vocabulary and even give them a task to take their mind off of whatever they may have later in the day.


7.) Wii- Bringing the Wii into class is always a competition starter in Matt’s advisory. Friendly competition in advisory is always a great day for these students. The multitude of games lets students enjoy a new game every day that they bring out the Wii. A variety of games always seems to keep the competitions fresh and fun in Matt’s advisory, something that the Wii can easily provide.


6.) Extreme Uno- Many advisories have their own ‘thing’. Some may be very academic or enjoy very quiet activities, but Matt’s advisory loves to be competitive with almost every activity. Therefore, they love to play Extreme Uno. To quote one student “It’s Uno – but better.” Regular Uno just will not be enough for this bunch.


5.) Noodle Wars- Noodle Wars is yet another heavily competitive activity that involves being involved being blindfolded and going into battle with another blindfolded opponent as your team calls out directions so you can make a strike and win. The stakes may not seem that high since you are using pool noodles as swords, but who could say no to bragging rights?




4.) Holiday Countdowns- While they may not have started a holiday countdown yet this year, they are raring to go for their Holiday Season countdown. In the 25 day lead up to holiday break, they will have a treat, game, or food. Mostly food. A mini-celebration every day is quite a pick-me-up for any person, and this advisory just can’t wait.


3.) Apples to Apples- A card game known by many, but adored by this advisory. They love this game for the hilarious ways the prompt can be completed. This is a great break in anyone’s day, but a little extra delight is taken in making a great sentence when you’re in an advisory with an English teacher.



1.) and 2.)   Eating and Socializing- Matt’s advisory went very simplistic with their number one and two choices. These two went arm-in-arm so it made sense to give this a double post. Ordering out and breaking bread with your peers just really hit the spot with this advisory. A conversation and some food is all this advisory needs to have fun when they’re not in a competition.




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