Holiday Food Drive Extended: People Need Help This Season.


Ian Lewis, Contributing Author

Good news! The Fall Food Drive has been extended, it is now the Holiday Food Drive! The food drive is the same, but to increase the amount of food we can donate, it will continue until Christmas break! And now, information about the food drive!

This year we will be donating to SHARE Outreach, an organization that provides food, clothing, and financial assistance to those in need in Milford, Amherst, Mont Vernon, and Brookline. Students can bring any non perishables into their advisories and at the end of the Drive, whichever advisory brought in the most food (determined by weight) will receive their very own pizza party! For additional motivation, the grade that brings in the most food (also determined by weight) will earn Fang Fest points!

The Food Drive is a great way to support the less fortunate in our community, so make sure to bring in as much food as you can! For a complete list of the items SHARE is looking for, and where they can be dropped off, see their website (link below). Of course, students aren’t the only ones who can donate. SHARE accepts donations from anyone, so if you have any food you want to donate, please do!

SHARE’s donation information page: