Souhegan’s AD


Photo Credit: India Jones, November 8th, 2018

India Jones

Dan Wyborney is the new Athletic Director of Souhegan High School, so he oversees all the athletic activities, as well as extracurricular clubs and intramural programs that are run from the school. Before taking on the position of athletic director, he was the girls’ varsity soccer coach, and last year was his first year here. Prior to that, he lived in town and had a connection with family members that went here, and has been a part of Souhegan through the community. In school, gym was his favorite class, as he loved being active and running around. His close second would have been math.

Here at Souhegan, Dan loves how the kids are involved in the process of their own education, saying “They are in control their future and what they want to get out of the school and get out of life in general. It helps them to be better people, to understand that they’ve got to take responsibility for all of their own actions, and be a part of it, not just sit back and listen, and go for the ride.”

Photo Credit: Peter Batchelder, September 2018

Dan describes the school’s uniqueness as,  “…the open concept of the campus, kids can leave and come and go when they need to. They have the flexibility during lunches to go where they want.”  But he also thinks that there are “…many, many different groups of kids and different activities that are available to the kids, that you won’t find other places, whether its clubs, anything from crew to theatre. The many different offerings that are available for kids to be involved with the school is great.”

During this fall season, Dan worked hard as both new athletic director of Souhegan and the varsity girls’ soccer coach. He exceeded expectations to fulfill both roles, carrying his team to quarterfinals and encouraging them to also support their fellow athletes, to be a part of the Saber Nation. With the winter season just around the corner, it will be great to see Souhegan so involved with their sports programs, with the help of their new athletic director.