Superhero Day Takes Over High School

Matthew Safarz, Staff Writer

Everyone’s got a gimmick now, especially when you dress up as your favorite superhero. On Thursday, February 21st, staff and students were celebrating day 4 of Fang Fest: superhero day. Students dressed up ranging from Marvel to DC, Disney, cartoons and even politics? students and staff members were asked who they were and why they choose to dress up as the character they chose.

Junior Izzy Aiello dressed up as Batgirl, because ‘I already had the costume and I liked it’ was a pretty common answer from most students. Some students were dressing up to twin with others or decided to become a  dynamic duo (Taking a page from Fang Fest 2016 day 4 Dynamic Duo Day) going from Batman and Robin to Cap and Bucky. Some of them even became a united trio such as the power puff girls.


Junior Emma Richards chose the Power Puff girl Blossom because “her two friends decided to dress up as Buttercup and bubbles”


Some of the popular choices for costumes were the caped crusader Batman, the man of steel Superman and Captain America.


Senior Reis Grondstra chose the iconic superhero Batman because of “His love for DC comics and enjoyed the design of his outfit and was matching with fellow senior Michael Zaccaria”

Not all superheroes have to come from the comics or leap from the big screen. They can be in real life, in sports, your family and even in politics


School librarian Sarah Kunyosing chose to dress up as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She chose this costume because of Ginsburg has “Devoted her life to the pursuit of justice equality and possess superhuman strength and endurance”