Julianne Northcott

Julianne Northcott


I have had the pleasure of babysitting Julianne’s kids for about a year or so now and I have never before met such amazing little humans. I see so much of Julianne’s personality, curiosity, and intelligence in her kids. I also had the pleasure of calling Julianne my teacher for one year of high school, she was such a good teacher that her class had me convinced I wanted to be a marine biologist for a while until I snapped back to reality to remember that math and science is certainly not my strong suit. Julianne is great at teaching and so many of her students fall in love with the subject because she teaches it so well.

Julianne had a turning point in college when she started to rethink what career path she wanted to go down. She always loved school and for years she knew she wanted to be a teacher. In her junior year at UNH, a lot of her friends began talking about continuing their schooling in pre-med. After hearing her friends talk about it, she started to convince herself to study to get a PHD in biology instead of continuing on to be a teacher. The turning point in college was in her advanced genetics class which challenged her more than she was used to in science classes and it came time for individual presentations in front of the class. “I only knew about 75% of the information in the class and I wasn’t an expert on the topic. I faked confidence and tried to see if I could trick everyone into thinking I knew what I was talking about”, Julianne said while laughing. Following her presentation her teacher asked if she would drop by during office hours to talk to him. Nervously, Julianne went to his office the next day and he began to tell her that she explained things very well and her presentation stood out among the rest. He told her that she is very good at connecting with people and making sure they knew what she was talking about. He said “I don’t know what your plans are but I think you would make an awesome teacher”. From that point on, Julianne finalized that she was going to pursue teaching and has been doing it ever since. She began teaching at Souhegan in 2000 and has been working here ever since. “Here I am, living the dream! It is so much fun to have the opportunity to teach such phenomenal students about a subject that I truly love to talk about”.

Julianne has always been motivated by wanting to do her very best at everything. “I am a very hard worker and sometimes it is hard not to sit back and truly wonder why I work so hard at everything but my job as a mother and my job as a teacher answers that”. She is motivated by wanting her students to be successful in her class, learning all that they can and fulfilling her role. But, she is also motivated in her personal life to be the best mother she can be. “My kids are super special, so unique, so smart, and even a little weird, but I love them more than anything”. Julianne always aspires to help her kids fulfill their dreams and a lot that comes with that is being able to devote as much time as she can to them. “Being a mom, who is a teacher, and has 3 young children to raise is next to impossible. At the end of some days I sit back and think, I can’t believe I did all of that. But at the end of each day I am proud to say that I am a full time teacher but I am also a full time mom”.

Julianne often struggles with the low level, constant stress that she is constantly under to accomplish everything she needs to. “Lately, I have been better at prioritizing breaks that I need and I am also thankful that I am a woman who is able to manage a million things at any moment”. She feels fortunate that her biggest passion in life brings her so much joy. As expectations from society and expectations she puts on herself try to weigh her down, she always finds a reason to keep pushing.

Julianne is a version of what I like to call a superhero mom. She is passionate about so much and she achieves exactly what she puts her mind to. I look up to her amazing work ethic and her perseverance to complete everything she does. I hope that someday, I can be half the mom that she is.


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