New Hampshire Democrats on Elizabeth Warren

Angie Boynton

It’s official, Elizabeth Warren is leading the large pack of Democratic candidates in New Hampshire.   According to a recent poll put out by Monmouth University, Warren has overtaken both Sanders and Biden.  Even though the poll is relatively new; her popularity within the Granite State isn’t.


On Saturday, September 7th, members of The Claw Digital Magazine attended the New Hampshire Democratic convention at the SNHU Arena in Manchester. Despite the frenzy and excitement of the day it was easy to tell that all candidates were wholeheartedly listened too and supported by the crowd. Senator Elizabeth Warren, however, stood out as a crowd favorite.


Elizabeth Warren has gotten her fair share of critical media coverage since she announced she was running in the 2020 election. To many conservatives, Warren is seen as a left-wing extremist, making legislative promises that seem superfluous and impossible. From the left side though, she seems to have gathered quite a following, especially from New Hampshire democrats.


“There is a lot at stake and people are scared. But we can’t choose a candidate we don’t believe in because we’re scared,” Warren said to cheers at the convention. “I am not afraid, and for Democrats to win, you can’t be afraid either.”


One thing Warren believes makes her a front runner candidate is her stance on important issues that Americans face every day; like gun control. Warren believes that there is a strong need to break the NRA’s hold on Congress. She promises to sign comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation within her first 100 days in office. She vows to protect survivors of domestic violence by closing the “boyfriend loophole,” which allows convicted abusers who were never married to their victims, to purchase firearms.


For Warren, the burden of unnecessary violence doesn’t stop there. On the issue of mass incarceration of people of color, Warren believes in the need to look at all the aspects of the system, redefine the meaning of public safety, focus on education, housing, and mental health treatment. Meaning ensuring access to good education for all children, and creating violence intervention programs for young people who have gotten in trouble with the law.


Senator Warren also plans to decriminalize truancy if elected and advocate for trauma-informed alternative discipline practices. “It’s not equal justice when a kid with an ounce of pot can get thrown in jail, while a bank executive who launders money for a drug cartel can get a bonus,” Warren says.


When it comes to the much-debated topic of immigration, Warren believes in the need to protect our security while creating a welcoming immigration system that matches the values of unity and acceptance. “Diversity makes our country strong, and we won’t be divided by our differences,” she says. If elected she promises to decriminalize migration and refocus enforcement on serious criminal activity. She will work to remake organizations like CBP and ICE, as well as eliminate unnecessary detention centers and close all private detention facilities.


But, where Warren really shines in her substance, approach, and delivery of her message. Elizabeth Warren is most known for her well-advertised campaign line, “I’ve got a plan for that,” a signal for voters that she intends to get things done. Her promise to get things done is something that has gained her most of her following. Her most noticeable way of accomplishing all her plans is through her Ultra-Millionaire Tax, which involves a 2% annual tax for the 75,000 American families with a net worth of $50 million are more.


To get the full picture of what New Hampshire democrats love about Elizabeth Warren I asked, Nashua Community College student and political junkie, Eli Franck. “I think her having a plan for everything and being really upfront about her background resonates with people,” she said. When I asked what she thinks makes Elizabeth Warren different from other candidates Eli replied, “She has a plan for everything! she connects more with people; she seems more real.”  Former Souhegan High School Learning Specialist, Carrie Smallwood answered, “Warren is so different because she has such a nice mixture of time in business, academia, and politics.”


Elizabeth Warren’s unique and ambitious approach to today’s most prevalent issues has led her to be one of the front runners of the election thus far. The issues that she is passionate about resonate with New Hampshire citizens.  “I have followed her since she became a senator and find her to be extremely intelligent and caring,” Smallwood explained, “I appreciate her plan for universal daycare because I have a five-year-old foster child who has been kicked out of private daycares due to her emotional needs.  I now know personally how this can impact a family.”


Franck had a slightly different perspective, she said, “Her values and her policies heavily align with my views. And she is the only candidate I feel like is really genuine about bringing down corruption in Washington.”


No matter the reasoning it is clear to see that Elizabeth Warren is doing well for herself in the granite state.