Souhegan High School Students Strike for Climate

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Souhegan High School Students Strike for Climate

Lauren Bentley-Melle, Writer

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Souhegan High School students lead a climate strike on Friday, September 27th in response to global warming. The event was organized by two students: Simonne Dodge and Mary Rotthoff. “We just want to create more of an awareness about what it is that’s happening” says Rotthoff, a senior at Souhegan. The climate strike was heavily attended with both Staff and Students that care about the environment and want to impact widespread change.

“It’s really scary,” says Jack Vore, a motivated and inspired Sophomore who attended this school strike “because with the way that adults in our society are reacting to climate change, it makes me think we’re not going to have changed in a 11 years and it really affects us and future generations to come. Even though it doesn’t matter as much to them they need to step up and help us and support us because we’re trying to change, but they just keep ignoring us and telling us that we’re too young to get it.”

Students everywhere are preaching this same message, demanding older generations to do something about the mess that they have created and to help us deal with saving the planet. This issue is of utmost urgency to most students, and they don’t plan to quit protesting for their future anytime soon.

This movement was started by Greta Thunberg, a student who started protesting outside of the Sweedish Parliament about one year ago. Now, millions of students are following in her footsteps by participating in Fridays for the Future and Thunberg is addressing leaders around the world. She has become an icon for many and continues to influence multitudes of people.

The crowd at Souhegan was full of energy, excitement, but most of all hope. Hope for a future where climate change isn’t an issue, where have clean air and water. They also have hope that people will start realizing how urgent of an issue climate change is and how we need to act now. The students striking are filled with ambition to take on any challenge that faces them and they aren’t planning to conclude their call to action until effort is made to solve this urgent issue, before it’s too late.


“This is real. This is happening. We need to do something about it.”- Isabel Remich, Souhegan student.

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