Politics N’ Stuff Episode 2: Gun Violence

Politics N Stuff Episode 2: Gun Violence

Angie Boynton and Amanda Jordan

On this episode of Politics N’ Stuff  Angie and Amanda discussed the 2020 presidential candidates view-points and policy ideas regarding gun control. Angie gave a run down on all the most prevalent information on the candidates involving gun control/gun violence, Then they compared and contrasted the stand-points, as well as shared some of their own opinions. Clink the link above or continue reading to get the lay-down on what happened.

Boyfriend Loophole: only prevents domestic abusers who were at one time married to their victim from buying a gun, but fails to include abusers who were dating, engaged, or married to their victims.


Charleston Loophole: if a background check is not completed in five days, its optional.


Joe Biden didn’t have any information regarding gun control or combating gun violence on his official campaign site. I was though, able to find an article on PBS news hour highlighting his perspectives on the issue. Biden plans to ban all assault weapons and high capacity magazines, he also wants to implement universal background checks and establish waiting periods for handgun purchases. While serving in Congress Joe Biden authored the assault weapons ban legislation that passed in 1994, the legislation then lapsed seven years later in 2004 and hasn’t been reinstated. Despite all this, in 1983 Biden voted for the firearm owners protection act which allows gun dealers to sell their products via mail, online, or at gun shows, without waiting periods or background checks.


Elizabeth Warren has a goal to decrease the rate of death by guns by 80% during her time in office. To put that in perspective in 2017, the rate of death by guns was 40,000. Warren plans to accomplish this by taking action to rein in the gun industry by passing anti-corruption legislation to break the NRA’s hold on Congress.  and hold firearm dealers and manufacturers accountable for the violence caused by their products. She wants to eliminate the filibuster, and send Congress comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation within her first 100 days in office. Elizabeth Warren will require background checks for private sales,  raise the minimum age to own a firearm from 18 to 21, prosecute gun traffickers to lower gang violence, and revoke licenses for dealers who break the law. She wants to start an investigation into the NRA, close the “boyfriend loophole,” and restrict movement of guns across state and national borders.


Bernie Sanders wants to take on the NRA and its corrupting effect on Washington by expanding background checks and ending the gun show loophole, making all gun purchases should be subject to the same background check standards. He will ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons and prohibit high-capacity ammunition magazines. Sanders has also been very vocal about cracking down on “straw purchases,” to prevent guns getting in the hands of criminals.


Kamala Harris has a goal of sending comprehensive gun safety legislation within her first 100 days in office. This legislation will include universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and a real of the NRA’s corporate gun manufacturer immunity shield. Harris also plans to revoke gun licenses of gun manufacturers who break the law and close the “boyfriend” loophole. She wants to ban the importation of AR-15 style assault weapons and officially make gun trafficking a federal crime. As well as, ban high capacity magazines and prohibit those convicted of a federal hate crime from buying guns.


Pete Buttigieg wants to dedicate one billion dollars to prevent and combat radicalization and violent extremism. He believes in empowering law enforcement at all levels, with greater resources to prevent domestic terrorism. He wants to expand our country’s ability to track hate and increase the FBI’s domestic counterterrorism field staff. He feels we need to pursue domestic white nationalist with international terrorism links and address the links between gender-based violence and domestic terrorism. If elected Buttigieg will close the “boyfriend” loophole and institute universal background checks. As well as, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and support red flag laws that disarm domestic abusers.


Andrew Yang believes we need to, “address all instances and causes of gun violence in this country.” If elected Yang with make sure that all gun owners are subject to licensing and gun safety courses and ban the, “most dangerous weapons,” on the market, Yang doesn’t specify what kinds of weapons he is referring to.


Cory Booker will take on the NRA and other lobbyist organizations, establish gun licensing and universal background checks, and set a ban on assault weapons. He wants to close all loopholes regarding criminal activity and gun purchases such as the Charleston loophole, and the boyfriend loophole. Booker plans to establish regulation for gun manufacturers, end legal immunity for law enforcement officers, as well as, require handguns microstamping. Microstamping being a technique that puts tiny markings on the bullet as it exits the barrel  so the last registered owner of the gun can be traced.

Beto O’Rourke plans to create a nationwide gun licensing system and registry and a universal background check system. He believes in banning assault weapons, as well as other products that make firearms more lethal, such as trigger cranks, silencers, bump-stocks, and high-capacity magazines. O’Rourke wants to implement a national buy back program for banned assault weapons and handguns. He also wants to implement red flag laws and declare gun violence a public health emergency. Beto O’Rourke will make gun trafficking a federal crime and undo regulatory action that allows access to the 3D printing of a gun.


Julian Castro, if elected, will invest in programs to combat hate and domestic terrorism. He will exercise global leadership by coordinating with partner countries, such as civil liberty advocates and internet platforms to address the spread of violent extremism on the internet. Julian Castro wants to take immediate executive action to end the firearm dealer license loophole and put a ban on the importation of assault weapons. He wants to implement universal background checks and close the NRA’s loophole, such as the “boyfriend”, and Charleston loophole. Castro believes in instituting a minimum waiting period of seven days and renewing a permanent assault weapons ban. He will also invest in community-driven violence prevention programs that do research into gun violence and data collection.


We were not able to find any information regarding gun control for Mark Sanford, Bill Weld, or Joe Walsh on any of their official campaign sites or on any popular news outlets.


Donald Trump signed Rep. Rutherford’s STOP School Violence Act during his time in office thus far. He also signed Sen. Cornyn-Murphy’s “Fix NICS Act,” that applies penalties to government agencies for not reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Donald Trump has also put two billion dollars foreword for school safety.