Politics N’ Stuff: Primary Polls Update

Politics N Stuff: Primary Polls Update

Angie Boynton and Amanda Jordan

Hey all, as we are fast approaching the primary election, your favorite podcasters decided to fill you in on the current placement of  your favorite candidates in the polls so far. Both nationally and in New Hampshire. Continue reading to find the poll percentage of your top candidate. In other news, we will also be uploading a new episode later in the week discussing the candidates viewpoint on reproductive rights/ women’s rights. This episode was recorded ahead of time, but in the upcoming episodes we will be talking about the top candidates of that week. We also would like to apologize for the malfunction with our Climate Change episode of last week which is currently unavailable but will be up soon. The write up for that episode is still available however, and can be accessed in the politics section of The Claw website. Now for the polls:

Within the  national democratic party Joe Biden remains the top candidate with 26% of the democratic vote. Followed by Elizabeth Warren with 21% and Bernie Sanders with 14%. The rest of the candidates hold less than 10% of the vote, including Pete Buttigieg with 8%, Kamala Harris with 4%, Amy Klobuchar with 2%, Andrew Yang with 2%, Tulsi Gabbard with 2%, and Cory Booker holding out with 1% of the vote. Another democratic candidate talked about in the podcast, Julian Castro currently holds less than 1% of the vote and is therefore is not included in the graph below. Candidate Beto O’Rourke, who has up until this point also been mentioned in the podcast just announced he is dropping out of the election

For the democratic party of New Hampshire Bernie Sanders claims the spot as the front runner with 21% of the New Hampshire democratic vote. Followed by Elizabeth Warren with 18% and Joe Biden with 15%, while Pete Buttigieg holds out with 10% of the vote. The rest of the candidates currently hold less than 10% including, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, and Amy Klobuchar all with 5%, Kamala Harris with 3%, and Cory Booker with 2%.

In the national republican party Donald Trump remains the front runner with 86% of the party planning to vote for him for reelection. Bill Weld leads the rest of the candidates with 3% of the vote leaving both Mark Sanford and Joe Walsh holding 2%

Finally, within the republican party of New Hampshire Donald Trump continues to be the front runner with 86% of the vote, followed by Bill Weld with 7%. Mark Sandford and Joe Walsh hold less than 1% of the New Hampshire republican vote and are therefore not included in the graph below.