On the Road to Success: Souhegan Girls Basketball


Emma Sette, Contributing Author

 Souhegan’s girls varsity basketball team is prepared to improve their game this season. Mike Vetack, the head varsity coach, along with the captains Halle Van Ballegooyen and Devon McGrath are motivated to lead their team to victory. The girl’s basketball team did not do as well as they hoped to last year, but members this season have showed their commitment to the hard work and determination during preseason to improve. 

    Mike Vetack, the head girls basketball coach, has been coaching at Souhegan High School since 2016. He began as a junior varsity coach and assistant varsity coach, however he became Souhegan’s girls varsity head coach in 2018. Vetack is dedicated and hardworking. He is working hard to help the girls improve this season by running different drills, doing more conditioning, and giving them the support they need. All of these factors can lead this team to success. 

    Devon McGrath is a senior this year, and is a second year captain. “Our goals are to have a better team dynamic than last year,”she said. She is planning on making team bonding a necessity to create a more trusting relationship on the court. She is most excited for the new addition to the team, Steve Hansbury, the new assistant coach. She is thankful for his time that his giving to their team, and the extra help he will contribute. As well as wanting a better team dynamic, McGrath is hoping for more wins this season.  

    Halle Van Ballegooyen is a senior as well, and a second year captain. Van Ballegooyen explained that she is excited for the season, especially for the bittersweetness of being a senior and finishing up her high school basketball career. She says, “My goal this season is to just grow as a team.” Her main hope is to bond as a team not only to benefit the 2019/2020 season of girls basketball, but furthermore the seasons to come. 

    The girl’s first game takes place at 7 o’clock pm on December 13th  at Stevens High School, in Claremont, New Hampshire. The team is on their track to reach their goals, and the support of Souhegan’s students and faculty would be appreciated by the team.