End of an Era

Nick Zampella

This past Sunday the New England Patriots fell to the Houston Texans with a score of 22-28. Heading into the 4th quarter the patriots were down big, 21-9 and came up just short. Before this game, the Patriots were 10-1 feeling very confident heading into the playoffs. Although the Patriots were 10-1 reporters have been saying that this could be the end of the Patriots dynasty. The Patriots have always been successful ever since Bill Bellicheck took over the team. Winning six super bowls and many AFC championship wins as well. The Patriots have had a successful season as of now but haven’t played any hard opponents and that’s why rumors are lurking that Brady and the dynasty could be coming to an end. 


Tom Brady has not been the same since the start of the 2019 season. Tom Brady is known to be possibly one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time but his age is slowly starting to set in. Tom Brady is 42 years old and that makes him one of the oldest players in the NFL.  Not only is Brady’s age affecting him, but NFL analysts have also been reporting that the Patriots have not been the same because they don’t have many receiving threats other than star receiver Julian Edelman. 

The Patriots are in need of a new receiving threat after star tight end Rob Gronkowski retired at 29 years old. Teams put a lot of pressure on Julian Edelman because he is one of the only receiving threats on the team. During the beginning of the season, the Patriots signed one of the best receivers in the whole league, Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown is a fast, skilled receiver that doesn’t drop many passes. After being cut from his prior team the Los Angelos Raiders for causing too much of a locker room issue. Antonio Brown is known for being a dram queen and likes to embellish things. 11 days later the Patriots cut Antonio Brown due to false sexual harassment allegations against an old Trainor. If the Patriots decide to resign Antonio Brown they would be a completely different team, offering Brady different options. Deion Saunders HOF defensive back spoke out about the Patriots and said: “I guarantee it, somethings going to happen within the few weeks in the receiver department.” This is indicating the Patriots could possibly sign a new receiver. Another option they may have is signing 31-year-old receiver Dez Bryant. at one point Dez Bryant was one of the best receivers in the league. Dez Brant has many NFL accomplishments like receiving three pro bowl invites, and he was a first-team all-pro selection. This could be what the patriots are looking for, a big body receiving threat that Brady can just throw a ball up to and he’ll come down with it.

The Patriots just need one more receiving threat after losing Rob Gronkowski to retirement. The Patriots signed star receiver Antonio Brown at the beginning of the year but he was released 11 days later due to allegations of him sexually assaulting a former trainer. This was the key piece that the Patriots needed to keep winning. There have been rumors lurking that the Patriots might resign Antonio Brown but it is uncertain at the moment. Julian Edelman the Patriots star receiver gets double-teamed almost every play so if the Patriots decided to resign Antonio Brown it would take the pressure off Edelman and he would be open much more. Giving Tom Brady one more receiving threat would change the whole Patriots offense, we would see a lot more scoring on the offensive end. The patriots are strong in every position but that receiver spot. This is the one key piece they are missing. If the patriots do not resign Antonio Brown I am sure they will sign another big-time receiver before the playoffs start. A possible player the patriots could sign Wide Receiver Dez Bryant who formerly played for the Dallas Cowboys and was an elite player. Dez Bryant has been an elite player for many years in the NFL receiving three pro bowl invitations and a first-team all-pro selection. Dez Bryant is 31 years old and has many more years of playtime. The Patriots need to make some changes for this long decade of success to keep going.