Environmentally Responsible and Affordable Gift Ideas!


Megan Sinner, Contributing Author

End the decade off right by giving the gift of a cleaner Earth! Buying gifts that are environmentally friendly is sometimes time consuming and expensive, but not always. This Christmas, here are some gifts for your loved ones that are environmentally responsible. These gift ideas help us maintain a healthier Earth while still being conscious of our bank account!


Metal straws

We’ve all heard about the hype over metal straws, but does your loved one have theirs yet? Plastic straws pollute our environment by taking up space in our landfills and oceans. Using a metal straw instead helps that problem. Metal straws are reusable and eco-friendly. They price at around seven dollars for a set of eight with two cleaners. Check out Amazon for more details!











This outdoor clothing brand is taking big steps to make Earth a better place. According to the Patagonia website their mission statement is “We’re in business to save our home planet” and they are doing just that. Patagonia’s clothing is made from recycled materials, and they make sure their workers are treated fairly with respect and compassion. Patagonia’s clothing is a perfect gift because it lasts longer and is made out of better quality materials than many other clothing brands that are the same price. Patagonia is a little pricey but is worth it. 











TOMS is a company that has been changing people’s lives for a little over a decade. This shoe company works with multiple organizations and gives ⅓ of their profit to those who need shoes, housing, safety, and multiple other things. TOMS shoes come in a variety of different styles and colors with a perfect fit for everyone. A pair of shoes is priced at around $55. Check them out!










Barefaced Beauty

Barefaced Beauty products are perfect gifts for the natural makeup lover! Their mineral beauty products include mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick and just about any other typical type of makeup. Barefaced beauty products are vegan, use recycled or recyclable packaging, cruelty free and in general great products. This company has great prices and even better deals. Make sure your friends and family know what they are putting on their face with the gift of Barefaced Beauty.