Uno Mas’ Newest Drip, Season Two?…

Bryce Desmarais, Contributing Author

All around Uno Mas there have been discussion on whether there will be someone named “Player of the Week” after every week of action. The winner would be given their own post on the Uno Mas Instagram page (@shs_unomas) and would get a star next to their “Player Profile” at the end of the week.

After being shown the templates of the new jerseys, the executives looked them over and loved what they saw. executives sent Wendy McGuigan an email confirming that all of the players are ready to take on a new look. Wendy has ordered the jerseys and they should arrive at Souhegan in about 3 – 4 weeks.

  At the end of Souhegan High School’s first semester, Uno Mas will be conducting what we call “Season Dos”. this is where A brand new blank stat sheet will be created and everyone will get their second shot at becoming top/elite Uno Mas players. With A new season, comes new surprises.